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Fields of Law

Here you will find an overview of the fields of law our attorneys practice.

Our Specializations

Criminal Defense Law


An individual may never face greater danger in the Courts of our country than when they are accused of a crime.  Our firm strongly believes in the sanctity of the Constitution.  Therefore, when a person is accused of crime, we believe that they should have their case handled with the highest level of care to ensure their Constitutional rights have not been, nor will be violated.  We provide the highest level of representation.  This includes all misdemeanor and felony matters.  Our office has handled matters from simple littering to murder cases involving the death penalty.  We give the same effort and attention to detail in all cases we handle.


Traffic Defense Law

People do this all the time.  They get a ticket and just pay the fine.  What they don't realize is that points begin to accrue on their license that could lead to a suspension.  Insurance companies monitor these tickets, and may use them as an excuse to drop your coverage or increase your premiums.  Further, some tickets have the possibility of jail time, or vastly increased fines.  No one should try to handle these matters without an attorney to protect their interests and explain the consequences of the driving charge.


Other Legal Fields

We will gladly represent you in cases regarding:

  • Juvenile Law
  • Personal Injury
  • Simple Wills
  • Litigation Technology


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